Testing procedure for Super Resolution

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Testing Procedure for Super Resolution

This repository contains an illustration of the numerical experiments performed in the paper entitled “Testing Gaussian Process with Applications to Super-Resolution” by Jean-Marc Azaïs, Yohann De Castro and Stéphane Mourareau.

Download file on the ArXiv (arXiv:1706.00679v3)

Chapter 6 (Pages 25-29) of version 3.

Python source code

The Python code can be downloaded at

Github repository super-resolution-testing ZIP file

The file contains all the auxiliary functions. The file is illustrated in the notebook ‘testing_super_resolution.ipynb’.

It requires at most: python>=3.6.4, numpy>=1.14.0, scipy>=1.0.0, seaborn>=0.8.1

Getting started

Once you have downloaded the two files and, you can execute to make the numerical experiments of the paper. The notebook testing_super_resolution.ipynb is an illustration of this code. It should take you between 15 to 30min to run all the experiments below (for less than iterations<=500 montecarlo simulations).

Have a look at the Jupiter notebook on blob

Thank you for your time!